Andrew Cavanagh

Developer.  Project Architect.  Huge Nerd.

(not necessarily in that order)

Laravel, Angularjs, and Drupal Development

I've been managing technical projects and building websites and applications professionally for over a decade, and been heavily involved in the internet since the days when that meant running a bbs over a 300 baud modem and getting yelled at for tying up the phone line in the house. I've worked on applications for state and federal goverment, companies large and small, and numerous non-profits and education institutions including Harvard, Yale, and MIT. Recently I ended a satisfying stint as a partner and lead Drupal developer with the good folks over at Common Media to explore new territory - primarily building apps in Laravel and Angularjs. Since then I've been working on contract for a large pharmecudical company who I'm not actually sure I'm allowed to mention by name. I'm working with an excellent team building in-house applications using Larvel and Angularjs, and heavily leveraging the power of Iron queues and workers as well as AWS.

I worked on most of the Drupal project at Common Media, which you can see on their portfolio page. Most of the work I'm currently engaged in is under an NDA, but I will be putting up some sanitized posts detailing some of the more interesting bits of the technologies involved.

I'm available for project work, consulting, and general haberdashery. You can contact me here. Feel free to peruse a short resume and you can see a summary of my illustrious career over on my linkedin page. I also enjoy cooking, amateur mycology, brewing, and long walks in imaginary places.

Thoughts and Musings

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